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    • Target

    Case: Sold $160,992 worth of women’s clothing thanks to targeted advertising

    • Target

    Case: received more than 1000 applications on the site for $1.25 for a recruitment agency

    • Target

    Case: made 120 leads at a price of $5.8 for a beautician

    • Target

    Case: received more than 25,000 leads for $0.1 – $0.3 for dating agency


    Case: received $10,000 in the women’s clothing niche by spending $1,750

    • Target

    Case: promotion of a food delivery service using targeted advertising


    Our SMM agency will help you:

    Attract new customers
    and increase sales

    Working with Social Media Advertising and bloggers allows you to instantly get the result by hitting to your target audience at a low cost compared to other marketing channels

    Increase brand awareness

    Recognition forms a positive perception of the brand, increases loyalty and the level of trust. As a result, the cost of attracting new customers is reduced

    Reputation management

    Social networks allow you to quickly respond to negative comments, influence opinions about a product or brand, work out the negative and reveal strengths

    Working with the target audience

    More than 80% of users spend several hours a day on social networks. Thanks to this, we can better know our audience, identify the hidden "pains and needs" of potential buyers


    Price of SMM

    Social Media Advertising

    • Niche audit, product study, sales funnel development
    • Development of an advertising strategy
    • Analytics setup
    • Definition of the target audience
    • Creation of creatives (pictures and videos)
    • Setting up and launching advertising campaigns
    • Testing and selection of effective ads
    • Connecting retargeting
    • Analytics and campaign optimization
    • Writing advertising texts
    • Weekly report on advertising performance and forecast of further results

    Social Media Management

    • Development of an SMM strategy
    • Page design
    • Content plan
    • Posting on Instagram and Facebook from 12 posts per month
    • Regular posting of engaging Stories
    • Communication with the audience
    • Product photography
    • Content development by designer, copywriting
    • Holding contests, implementing promotions
    • Detailed report on all indicators

    *The cost of SMM promotion depends on various factors: the direction of the business, the size of the advertising budget, existing pages, the size of the audience. To work with each project, an individual strategy and suitable promotion formats are developed.


    Bogdan Puhkuy

    Founder of BUD.SK

    I want to thank and recommend Cómon Agency.

    The company helps us to maintain social networks Instagram and Facebook, as well as set up advertising. Specialists are responsible for an important mission in our work.

    I would also like to thank the managers for their hard work, recommendations and in general for our productive cooperation.


    Founder of DK Agency

    Our company has been cooperating with the Cómon Agency for a long time.

    We started using advertising on the ice and it was a discovery for us in the niche of finding new employees. For us, this is a good opportunity to gather the target audience at once and not exchange for unnecessary staff.

    Thank you to our manager who responds promptly to all market changes, any of our questions and inquiries. Even if we set some difficult tasks, he always found ways to accomplish.

    During the quarantine period, cooperation with the company was a real salvation at that difficult time.

    Victoriya Grabova

    Marketologist of chain store "Monpacie"

    Collaboration with the Cómon Agency is a huge contribution to the development of our Instagram page, especially its visual component.

    The task we asked the agency at first glance is very simple – to create photo and video content for social networks with the subsequent writing of posts and their publication.

    The difficulty was the lack of homogeneity of the product to be presented.

    Thanks to the specialists of the Cómon Agency, and first of all our manager Annie, we managed to develop a unified style of publications and radically change the visual component of the tape.

    I am grateful to all the staff of the agency for their ability to hear and listen.
    It is very easy and pleasant to work with them.


    Founder of an online store Ladyfor

    I have only positive reviews! Representatives of the company are always in touch, take responsibility for their work and give ideas that really work.

    When I started working with the Cómon Agency, I marked my wishes and we followed in the footsteps of my ideas, but Aleksandr insisted on launching a certain advertising campaign.

    I went for it for an experiment that turned out to be very successful.
    This idea of ​​Aleksandr made me a cash desk of UAH 310,000 for 2 weeks with a margin of 50%.

    All the advertising campaigns we run now are profitable.
    And what I especially like is that the team is always in touch. If one person could not answer – others insure. If there was a force majeure over the weekend, they will always help to deal with it.

    Effective Social Media Marketing from Cómon Agency

    SMM or promotion in social networks as a unique advertising channel and a separate area in digital marketing is a set of work in social networks aimed at increasing the popularity of a brand, product or service, ensuring audience loyalty and growing business KPI.

    Thanks to the SMM service, you can achieve long-term results in terms of activity and engagement with a high conversion rate. Many users of social networks today are looking for information about companies and products on the social platforms Instagram and Facebook, which is due to the presence of photos, reviews, an online consultant, and more. If your page does not appear in the search results, you will miss the opportunity to introduce your audience to your brand.

    Cómon Agency specializes in promoting businesses on the Internet using digital tools. We cover not only the SMM direction, but also other areas of marketing, therefore we can provide comprehensive services. Cómon Agency provides SMM (Social Media Marketing) services on Instagram and Facebook in order to promote companies and brands in social networks. The number of social media users is growing at an incredible pace, and the number of interests and innovations is only expanding. That is why we try to make flexible offers for both start-up companies and large businesses.

    The main services of an SMM agency:

    • development of an SMM strategy;
    • promotion in social networks Facebook, Instagram;
    • drawing up a content plan;
    • launch of targeted advertising;
    • design of social networks;
    • SMM for Events (promotion of events);
    • individual consultations and trainings on SMM.

    Why does a business need Social Media Marketing?

    1. To form the right image (impression) of the company. This will help increase brand awareness and increase interest in the company.
    2. To drive traffic from social networks to the site. This will help increase your traffic/sales/registrations, bring people to your events, and increase engagement.
    3. To identify new segments of the target audience. This will help you get to know your audience better, reveal the hidden “pains and needs” of potential buyers.
    4. To manage reputation. This will help to provide potential buyers with personal advice, as well as inform about new products / services, promotions, offers.

    What business problems does SMM solve?

    1. Lack of the expected number of orders per month. You are seeing a drop in the audience on your site, or you have created a new site and cannot squeeze the first orders out of it.
    2. The product is technically complex. It’s hard to sell with a few photos and you need to build some sort of trend and engagement around the product, provide pre-purchase advice and show the product in use.
    3. Low page or community activity. Users go to your page, but do not subscribe and do not perform targeted actions, or users have begun to unsubscribe.
    4. Similar to competitors in terms of price. You can’t compete in the in search results with aggregator sites, and the cost per click in search ads is too high.
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