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    • Target

    Case: received more than 1000 applications on the site for $1.25 for a recruitment agency

    • Target

    Case: made 120 leads at a price of $5.8 for a beautician

    • Target

    Case: received more than 25,000 leads for $0.1 – $0.3 for dating agency


    Case: received $10,000 in the women’s clothing niche by spending $1,750

    • Target

    Case: promotion of a food delivery service using targeted advertising

    • Complex

    Case: complex SMM-promotion of the chain of alcohol stores “Beloe Sukhoe”


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    We work with all types of advertising in Google Ads

    Search Ads

    Text Ads in Google search

    Display Ads

    Image Ads on thematic sites

    Google Shopping Ads

    Shopping ads for online stores

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      About Us

      We are engaged in marketing for e-commerce projects, FMCG, retail, education and developers. We sell a solution, not a service.

      We pay special attention to each project,  try to achieve maximum results and select the most effective advertising channels.

      Benefits of working with us

      Creative development takes no more than 24 hours

      We always have spare offices at hand and you will not be left without traffic

      We refuse projects that we are obviously not ready to dive into, so we are always in touch and involved in the process

      We maintain a table of indicators and can quickly influence any changes

      We take as a guide a short-term cooperation from 6 months, so we do not lose interest in the project after payment and the contract

      We use those advertising channels that will help show a good result

      Our team

      Alex Pushanko

      Agency Founder

      Marina Polischuk

      Chief Operating Officer

      Anna Shulim

      Head of SMM

      Vlad Komarevich

      Head of PPC

      Nastya Zorina

      Head of SMM Ads

      Olga Zlatnik

      Head of SEO

      Tariffs and prices for setting up PPC Services

      Base Tariff

      Setting time: up to 3 days
      Recommended advertising budget - from $300
      • Promo code from Google Partners – 1500 UAH
      • Up to 100 keywords
      • Search advertising
      • Banner advertising (BMS)
      • Google Analytics connection and setting goals
      • Selection of negative keywords
      • Video ads on YouTube
      • Remarketing – to show website visitors for the purpose of repeat sales
      Setting time: up to 3 days
      Recommended advertising budget - from $300

      Full Tariff

      Setting time: up to 7 days
      Recommended advertising budget - from $500
      • Promo code from Google Partners – 1500 UAH
      • Endless list of keywords
      • Search advertising
      • Google Analytics connection and setting goals
      • Selection of negative keywords
      • Banner advertising (BMS)
      • Video ads on YouTube
      • Google shopping merchant – product advertising
      • Remarketing – to show website visitors for the purpose of repeat sales
      Setting time: up to 7 days
      Recommended advertising budget - from $500

      *The cost of PPC services depends on various factors: the direction of the business, the size of the advertising budget, existing pages, the size of the audience. We develop an individual strategy and suitable promotion formats for each project.


      Bogdan Puhkuy

      Founder of BUD.SK

      I want to thank and recommend Cómon Agency.

      The company helps us to maintain social networks Instagram and Facebook, as well as set up advertising. Specialists are responsible for an important mission in our work.

      I would also like to thank the managers for their hard work, recommendations and in general for our productive cooperation.


      Founder of DK Agency

      Our company has been cooperating with the Cómon Agency for a long time.

      We started using advertising on the ice and it was a discovery for us in the niche of finding new employees. For us, this is a good opportunity to gather the target audience at once and not exchange for unnecessary staff.

      Thank you to our manager who responds promptly to all market changes, any of our questions and inquiries. Even if we set some difficult tasks, he always found ways to accomplish.

      During the quarantine period, cooperation with the company was a real salvation at that difficult time.

      Victoriya Grabova

      Marketologist of chain store "Monpacie"

      Collaboration with the Cómon Agency is a huge contribution to the development of our Instagram page, especially its visual component.

      The task we asked the agency at first glance is very simple – to create photo and video content for social networks with the subsequent writing of posts and their publication.

      The difficulty was the lack of homogeneity of the product to be presented.

      Thanks to the specialists of the Cómon Agency, and first of all our manager Annie, we managed to develop a unified style of publications and radically change the visual component of the tape.

      I am grateful to all the staff of the agency for their ability to hear and listen.
      It is very easy and pleasant to work with them.


      Founder of an online store Ladyfor

      I have only positive reviews! Representatives of the company are always in touch, take responsibility for their work and give ideas that really work.

      When I started working with the Cómon Agency, I marked my wishes and we followed in the footsteps of my ideas, but Aleksandr insisted on launching a certain advertising campaign.

      I went for it for an experiment that turned out to be very successful.
      This idea of ​​Aleksandr made me a cash desk of UAH 310,000 for 2 weeks with a margin of 50%.

      All the advertising campaigns we run now are profitable.
      And what I especially like is that the team is always in touch. If one person could not answer – others insure. If there was a force majeure over the weekend, they will always help to deal with it.

      What services does our agency provide:

      Social Media Advertising

      Social Media Marketing

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      Website development

      Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

      Organic and unobtrusive advertising, precisely targeted to users who are interested in your product – this is contextual advertising configured using the Google Ads advertising tool.

      Contextual advertising allows you to quickly attract new customers to the site and receive orders or calls from the moment the advertisement is launched thanks to:

      • keywords that users use in Google search;
      • thematic sites and resources visited by users.

      How Google Ads Work

      To understand how Google pay-per-click advertising works, we recommend you to look at examples of ads. In particular, there are several types of Google contextual advertising: text ads, banner ads, product ads, and video ads.

      We are often asked

      What determines the cost of services for setting up contextual advertising?

      Often, the commission of an advertising agency depends on the volume of the promoted resource (number of pages / products / services), as well as on the advertising channels used: search advertising, banner advertising, product advertising.

      Will there be a lower cost for ad maintenance after the first month of setup?

      Yes, the cost for the following months of advertising usually decreases. This is due to the fact that the initial setup includes a list of jobs that are performed once by starting a project. If the client decides to increase or decrease the number of advertised goods or services, we may revise the payment for maintaining an advertising account. If the advertising campaign was initially set up on a turnkey basis, no support fee is charged, and the client is responsible for further optimization.

      What is the algorithm of work at the beginning of cooperation?

      We coordinate with you priority goods / services for advertising, find out all the advantages, determine the goals and necessary budgets for a start. We also need to get access to your advertising account, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts (if they were previously created).

      How quickly can you expect ads to start showing?

      As a rule, we launch advertising within 3-5 business days, but the time required for setting up depends on the number of advertised destinations and the workload of contextual advertising specialists.

      When to expect the first results from advertising?

      The first results from the launch of advertising can be felt from the first day of the advertising. As soon as users begin to see your advertisements in the search, they begin to go to your site.

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