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    Landing page

    A one-page site is aimed at performing a certain action with a high conversion: purchasing a product, subscribing, ordering a service, etc.

    from 600$

    Multipage site

    A multipage site that tells more about the services, cost, experience, history and contacts of your company.

    from 1000$

    Online store

    It has the ability to pay for goods via the Internet, book services. From a few products to large product catalogs.

    from 1500$

    Platforms on which we make websites


    Tilda Publishing


    About us

    We are engaged in marketing for e-commerce projects, FMCG, retail, education and developers. We sell a solution, not a service. We pay special attention to each project,  try to achieve maximum results and select the most effective advertising channels.

    Benefits of working with us

    We make not just beautiful sites, but focus on site conversion

    We do basic SEO website optimization

    Often about 70% of traffic comes from the phone, so we make mobile first design

    We do a free marketing audit

    We help with the selection of marketing channels

    We help to set up integration with different services


    Site creation process

    Stages of work

    Consultation and formation of TOR

    Definition of technologies and tools

    Signing an agreement

    Prototype development

    Design development



    Project handover

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      Our team

      Alex Pushanko

      Agency Founder

      Marina Polischuk

      Chief Operating Officer

      Anna Shulim

      Head of SMM

      Vlad Komarevich

      Head of PPC

      Nastya Zorina

      Head of SMM Ads

      Olga Zlatnik

      Head of SEO

      Our clients

      What services does our agency provide:

      Social Media Advertising

      Social Media Management

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

      Website development

      Creation of LANDING PAGE

      Cómon Agency offers the creation of a one-page business card or landing site completely from scratch, from design to further support.

      Even if you still have no idea about the design and content of the site, but you understand that today being absent from the digital space means being absent from the market, you don’t have to worry about the final result. Together with you, we will go through the checklist of the most important issues, determine your target audience, form your advantages and offer design options for the future site.

      The main thing for you is to provide all the necessary textual and graphic information in time and give feedback, and we will make your landing page the best among competitors!

      Ordering a landing page in Cómon Agency means getting the desired result

      The task of creating a landing page has long been difficult not only in terms of programming. Due to the variety of sites on the Internet and the large number of competitors, it is not enough just to create a site. You need to be different, memorable, be comfortable and flexible. Therefore, a huge amount of work today falls not on programming itself, but on market analysis, the creative component, the creation of design, texts, content, and more.

      A landing page or a business card is already a proven way to successfully run a business online. In many ways, success is justified by narrow specialization. A selling landing page, unlike a regular corporate site, is very much tailored for sales from the site, for receiving applications and phone calls. Therefore, when creating a landing page, it is very important not only to bring a client to the site, but also to keep him, to reveal your product or service in its best light, to tell about your main advantages against competitors and SELL! A corporate website can only serve as a contact for the client, getting to know the team, getting to know the product, which in general simply increases the level of the company’s prestige.

      The final result of the landing page

      The measure of the effectiveness of the fact that the development of a landing page was successful is the conversion. In relation to web marketing, conversion is the ratio of people who performed the required operation (in particular, making a call, filling out an application) to the number of all website visitors.

      Cooperating with us, you have the opportunity to get not only a website, but to introduce integrated marketing into your business in the long term.

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