Almost every experienced advertiser has faced the blocking of their advertising account at least once a situation is unpleasant, but in most cases it can be corrected (and prevented in the future). If you understand the reasons and take the necessary measures, you can restore your account and continue to run advertising campaigns.


Why does Meta block advertising accounts?

Social Media Advertising Facebook and Instagram is the main source of revenue for Meta. In 2022, the company earned more than 113 billion dollars from ad sales out of a total revenue of 116 billion dollars. Therefore, it is very important for Meta to have a harmonious interaction between users and advertisers, without which it would not be able to achieve such success. The company cares about the safety of visitors and carefully monitors the quality of the ads displayed on the platform. Tens of thousands of advertising accounts are moderated by the system every day, the rules are regularly updated, and the verification criteria are tightened.

Facebook Ad revenue

Ad processing is done automatically based on the algorithms provided. If a controversial situation arises, the system sends the ad for a «manual» check by a technical support specialist. Three parameters are taken into account during moderation:

  • account data when and to whom the account was registered, where the administrator is from, the selected payment method, payment information, etc.;
  • ads type of product or service, images/videos, texts, ad positioning;
  • landing page the system checks how well it corresponds to the content of the ad, whether the necessary information is present, and also checks the security of the connection.

A block can be obtained for violating rules in ads, the account itself, or on web pages that are linked to the ad. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why the system most often blocks accounts.

Facebook Ad account violations

Suspicious payment activity

Incorrect payment actions are the most common reason for blocking an account. A ban is possible if the cardholder’s initials do not match the data of the administrator of the advertising account (who sends identity verification documents when registering in Business Manager), or if the card is issued in a country that does not match the account’s registration geolocation. Meta also considers a change in payment method as suspicious activity. For example, if an advertiser has been paying with a card for two years and then decides to use PayPal for transactions. A sharp increase in advertising budget is also a reason for a ban, especially for new accounts. If you need to increase expenses by 2-3 times, do it gradually, starting with a small amount of $20-30/day. Also, avoid significant top-ups in one payment.

Advertising payments in Ads Manager

Login to the advertising account from another country

This case concerns travelers or advertisers who have provided their login/password to someone from another country. To avoid possible blocking, connect to VPN and select your region of residence in the program settings. That is, if you always logged into the advertising account from Kiev and are now in Poland, the VPN extension should indicate «Kiev, Ukraine» in the corresponding section.

Poor reputation of previous accounts Facebook, Instagram

For example, if the administrator (or user with added rights, such as advertiser/analytics) of the account is also the owner of a previously blocked account. Or, if the added ads are similar to those in the blocked account. That is why after a ban, it is better not to rush to create a new advertising page in Ads Manager but try to restore the existing one.

Launching ads from a recently created page

After registering a new page on FB and linking it to Business Manager, it is better to wait 2-3 weeks before creating advertising campaigns. Add friends, your photos, join groups behave like a regular user so that the system understands that you are not a bot. And then start setting up ads.

New accounts are also not recommended to create a large number of campaigns and ad groups right away. It is better to start with 1-2 advertising campaigns with several ad groups in each.

Facebook page


Violations in ads

Usually, if an ad does not comply with Meta’s standards, it simply will not be allowed to run and will not affect the performance of other advertising campaigns or the account as a whole. However, if there are many such ads, they may be rejected by the system frequently or have serious violations, which could result in a ban.

Advertising prohibited goods or services

In Facebook and Instagram, promoting weapons, tobacco products, narcotics, medicines, goods and services of a sexual nature is prohibited. Restrictions apply to advertising gambling, online lotteries — written permission from Meta is required. And advertising cryptocurrency is allowed if at least one of the 27 licenses approved by the company is present.

Violation of legislation

In particular, the laws of the country where the ad will be broadcast apply. Keep in mind that laws differ in different countries. For example, in Ukraine, it is allowed to promote alcoholic products to an audience over 18 years old, while in some other countries (such as Turkey, the UAE, Egypt, etc.), it is completely prohibited, and even creatives with emojis in the form of a glass may not pass the test.

Prohibitions on placing ads in Ads Manager

Using personal characteristics

It is not allowed to use advertising creatives that personalize based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, illnesses, etc. Here are some examples from Meta:

1. Allowed: «Dating for those over…», «Our new lotions and creams fight wrinkles better than ever!»; Not allowed: «Meet other people over…», «Are you 18 or older already?».

2. Allowed: «New diabetes treatment method»; Not allowed: «Do you have diabetes?», «Can’t shake depression? Get help today».

3. Allowed: «We provide financial services to solve any financial problems»; Not allowed: «No money? Use our services».

Shock content

Any materials that can scare or shock people, such as creatives featuring blood and wounds, scenes of violence, accidents, disasters, etc.

Shock content in advertising

Promises and guarantees in advertising

Meta may not allow ads with claims that cannot be proven or verified. For example, a creative that says «Earn $1000 a month» is better replaced with «Sharing my experience of how I achieved earnings of $1000 a month».

Low-quality creatives

One of the most harmless but common mistakes of advertisers is using low-quality images (blurry pictures, wrong format, etc.), text with grammatical errors, lots of emojis (better not to use them at all), images with motivating elements to click on the ad (underlines, arrows, fake buttons).

Errors in advertising creatives

Demonstration of non-existent functions

This includes advertising that shows non-existent product functions, promises unrealistic results, and contains false information.

Approved ad may be blocked over time due to user complaints. In such cases, they undergo re-moderation. Regular and numerous complaints are a common reason for account bans.

It’s best to delete ads that don’t pass moderation. If a rejected ad doesn’t pass moderation again (especially if there are many such creatives), there is a risk of blocking the entire account.

Important! Before creating ad, read the full list of prohibitions and restrictions:

Meta standards for advertising placement;

Instagram Community Rules.


Errors on a Landing Page

Even if the advertising is perfectly set up, the creatives meet all Meta standards and requirements, an account can be blocked for violations on the landing page that the user is directed to from the ad.

Inconsistency between the landing page and the ad content

For example, if the creative features donuts but the link leads to perfume, this is considered a major mistake. Similarly, linking to the homepage instead of the specific product page/promotional landing page specified in the ad is also considered an error.

This also includes not keeping promises, such as offering a discount that is no longer valid on the website.

Web pages with redirects, files and scripts

When a user opens one web page but is redirected to another, it can be confusing. Therefore, using redirects is prohibited by the social media platform’s rules. The same goes for auto-redirects to PDF or JPG files.

Additionally, Meta dislikes landing pages with intrusive scripts, such as automatic document downloads, video or audio playback, or large pop-ups urging users to make a purchase.

Errors on the landing page

Unlawful data collection

If a website collects user data, it must be disclosed, and the user must give consent. If information is collected without the user’s knowledge, the account is likely to be banned by the system.

These are not all the reasons why an account can be blocked. We have listed the most common ones. Sometimes there are no objective reasons at all – the ban may occur due to an error in automatic moderation, and the account is quickly restored. But in any case, the owner of a blocked advertising account should take action.


How to unblock a Meta advertising account?

First, you need to determine the reason for the block Facebook. It will be indicated in a message from Meta directly in Ads Manager or in an email. In addition to the explanation, there will be instructions for solving the problem — follow all the recommended steps. For example, an account suspension due to suspicious activity is done for your own safety. To restore your account, you just need to answer a series of questions and provide documentary proof of your identity (by the way, if you are banned due to suspicious payments, you can use this form).

If the problem is with your advertising, you should fix all the issues (change the creatives, texts, landing page, etc. depending on the type of violation), save the changes and go through the re-moderation process. The suspension will be lifted if your ads comply with all of Meta’s rules.

If this method does not help, you did not receive an email, or you believe your account was blocked by mistake, you should contact Meta’s customer support. There are several options.

  1. Submit a review request in the «Account Quality» section. Go to the «Account Quality» section (it’s here), select «Business Accounts» and click «Request Review» in the «What You Can Do» tab. Then answer the questions and wait for the review results. They will be sent to the email you provided when registering the account, and you can also see the response directly in the «Account Quality» window. The review process may take from several hours to several days.
  2. Write to the admins on the Meta for Business page, although they do not always help, but it’s worth a try.
  3. «Report a Problem» on your personal page. To do this, select the «Help and Support» section in the upper right panel and click «Report a Problem».
  4. Contact the customer support chat. It is available for advertisers who spend a certain amount on advertising every month.

When filling out the request, follow the basic rules: be restrained, be as specific as possible, provide detailed answers to all questions, and be polite to Meta staff. Be prepared for moderators to ask you to send a personal photo and copies of documents. If you don’t receive a response for a long time, make a follow-up request, but remember: questions are answered in the order they are received, and there may be a queue. And don’t rush to create a new account until you receive feedback from Meta; it will only make the problem worse. It is recommended to write to customer support in English — this can speed up the response.