Every entrepreneur dreams and aspires to create a successful business, going both offline and online. This will not only double sales, but also greatly increase brand loyalty and recognition.

Selling clothes via Instagram

Running a store on Instagram is a good idea, simply because an offline shop won’t generate sales from other cities. After the lockdown, when only supermarkets remained open, more and more people appreciated the benefits of online shopping.

Customers from your city can use the account to find out about stock, sizes, ask to put an item on hold, and engage even more local residents. Selling clothes on Instagram allows you to help choose the desired product and make the deal.

If you want to open an online store, but don’t know where to start, this article will make things easier.

Women’s and men’s goods are the sales leader on Instagram. Thanks to offline and online sales, even a store with a small assortment generates a stable profit.

First, decide on the format of the store. It can be a separately rented showroom or just a room in a shopping center. Provide a comfortable environment for customers, and take some simple steps:

  1. Pay attention to brand identity, strategy, and high-quality photos. The apparel sales business on Instagram, like any project, requires strategic planning.
  2. Place your account information on the checkout stand, in the fitting room, and on the shelves. Take care not only of the name, but also the QR code.
  3. Post contact information, store address, and phone number in your profile. This will help residents and guests of the city to decide whether to come to your offline store or make a purchase online. Native advertising also works. When people see or hear the name of the street, they will associate your showroom with it. Add your phone number and e-mail in the header of your profile. This will allow to communicate with you in any convenient way.

Pay attention not only to the information part of the communication, but also to the staff. The final purchase is influenced by promptness, competent consultation, loyalty, and friendliness. Selling things via Instagram is comparable to the work of a call center. How the request will be received and processed determines the results.

Once you’ve determined that your niche is selling clothes on Instagram or selling shoes via Instagram, you need to proceed with promotion.

The main steps to take are:

  • fill your account with high-quality content. This applies to both visual design and textual content. Starting with the profile header and ending with the stories, everything should be in the same style. This is your showcase and “face”;
  • create an online store. It’ s a lot of work, which will not only increase profits, but also give an additional influx of subscribers and customers. Place a link in your profile header. Use a link to the site in your targeting ads;
  • Post an Instagram feed (Instagram basic display API) and links to social networks. This way you close the conversion loop;
  • communication with subscribers and customers. Create engaging texts, show all aspects of the work, conduct surveys. After the sale, ask for feedback, make sure everything fits. Respond to messages below the photo. It’s much easier to make repeated conversions with warm traffic;
  • post photos of reviews. Many stores increase their loyalty and recognition in this way. Knowing that a photo review featuring a new dress or shoes might appear on your profile page becomes not only motivation for many subscribers to post feedback, but also to make their first purchase;
  • ads from bloggers. It’s something that always works, just like hashtags. Order ads from opinion leaders who have your target audience in subscribers, hold a joint giveaway, come up with a collaboration project. It works great both for erotic lingerie and if your main niche is the sale of children’s clothing on Instagram;
  • turnkey targeting ads. This is something crucial for good promotion. Once you have prepared the first 10-15 posts, you should always have targeting. You can take breaks with it, but it is the main trigger in the business growth;
  • negotiate a PR deal with large showrooms. It works great if you are a producer of your own brand. This kind of PR can cost money, but you can often get a deal on it if you work on the sales side;
  • be generous. Subscribers love gifts and attention. Giveaways for simple activities will be a source of constant engagement and new subscriptions;
  • responsiveness. Answer promptly without making you wait for a long time, set up a question-answer, autoresponder. Instagram clothing sales require patient and friendly management;
  • video content. Show what the products look like. This can be reviews in stories, or IGTV.

As you can see, there are plenty of tools to get people talking about you. All that remains is to create your plan to conquer the social network and follow it. Another option is to hire a professional to do it for you. In this option, you will have time to scale and generate ideas.


Instagram is indispensable for selling self-made clothes or for drop-shipping. It’s hard to call this network easy, since its algorithms have changed a lot. Still, the effort and costs are more than paid off. Just to give you an example, among our targeting advertising cases, you can often see an 800% return on investment.

If you still have questions or you want to order the SMM promotion with us, leave a request on the website, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will answer your questions, help you choose the right range of services, relieve you from the hassle of promotion schemes. We can do what you don’t want or don’t have time to do.