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Case: Sold $160,992 worth of women’s clothing thanks to targeted advertising

Sold $160,992 worth of women's clothing

About the project

A company engaged in the production and sale of women's clothing. The business is run through Instagram with a weekly update of the assortment with 4-7 new models. The company tracks audience requests, using this data to create new dresses, suits, and other items.

What we had at the start

We didn’t start working on the project from scratch. The client’s business was present on Instagram. All requests were received and processed there. Our task was to make the traffic go exclusively to the site with ROAS 4. The average paycheck was about 1100-1200 UAH (~$48). As an intermediate metric, we decided to take the cost of conversions up to $10. Eventually, the payback on the budget would include a $4 return on the $1 spent. The starting budget was set at $3,000 per month. We also agreed at the start to increase the budget in the following months based on KPIs.

The advantage of the chosen strategy at the start was flexibility and mobility, given the constant change in the demand of the audience. For example, if a customer wants a mini dress today and a sundress tomorrow, the brand can provide that. If the need changes, the brand is ready to give customers a new solution. This strategy makes it possible to collect and increase the volume of cold traffic through new offerings and increase the budget for established products that are consistently in demand. It is also easier for production to optimize work and sew 50 models a day. Calculation of the number of units of specific models of things and production planning is carried out based on test results. It is more convenient for business than sewing things for stock and only then selling them via ads.

From the beginning, we understood that this strategy would require a lot of attention, concentration, and responsiveness to indicators, but it also justified itself with successful results. In the beginning it was very difficult for us to adjust to the speed of testing new brand products. But once we got used to it, the result was not long in coming.

Goals and objectives

Before we proceeded to the project implementation, we defined the main tasks aimed at achieving the goal, namely, to increase traffic on the website. The following tasks were defined:

Audit and analysis of the advertising office

Analysis of the activities of major competitors

Developing a traffic buying strategy

Creating advertising creatives

Landing page analysis

Implementation of analytics and organization of direct communication with the sales department

Hypothesis testing and determination of working bundles

Working with advertising campaigns


First of all, we analyzed the advertising cabinet. As it turned out, the client was buying traffic to the site on his own, but due to a lack of time and energy it was inefficient. Therefore, we studied in detail the previous launches and their performance, analyzed competitors’ activities, and developed a strategy for buying traffic. Eventually, we tested three different purchasing formats before getting results on models that were worth scaling up.

Transferring events, setting up Conversions API, and unloading the catalog are the main necessities of working with the online store. We did all the integrations with the help of Google Tag Manager. For today, the integration of LiqPay online payment to the site is in progress.

Next, we implemented analytics and organized the process of direct communication with the sales department. A Google spreadsheet was used as daily analytics to track sales dynamics. User behavior on the site and in-depth metrics were tracked using Google Analytics. After numerous tests, we determined that the actual sales results are estimated based on data from the CRM-system Bitrix24.

The next step was to test hypotheses, optimize effective bundles, analyze user interaction throughout the marketing funnel, and make changes to advertising campaigns to increase conversions.

The structure of advertising campaigns is an important part of buying traffic with this volume of models. Creating a single one was inefficient. We have made the theses that we constantly adhere to when receiving new offers.

  1. Segmentation by price, category, and seasonality
  2. Budget allocation for the test is determined by the sum of 2-3 model sales values per day (~$20-40 per ad group)
  3. Test with optimization at the ad group level (ABO)
  4. Test of 2 creative formats: video and static

We regularly structure advertising campaigns to fit a specific situation. As a result, we manage to increase the final number of successful models in our work.

Creo examples

The following are the formats of the creatives that have brought the best results.


It took quite a long time to accomplish the task. Basically, the purchase was carried out with the goals of “Conversions” and “Sales by catalog”.

Our collaboration can be divided into three stages based on the change of strategies. We calmly analyzed the data and drastically changed the strategy on the basis of the results obtained.

The first solution was to buy traffic according to the usual model of working for e-commerce. The logic was as follows: we developed creatives leading to the homepage of the site. A woman saw a beautiful design banner and moved to the home page to interact. Next, everyone interacting with the site was caught up with retargeting on a range of 7-28 days. It looks easy, but real things are quite different.

The main challenges we faced were:

  • the abundance of choice – when seeing 100+ items on the site, women got lost and ended up going away to reflect. The emotion gained from viewing the creative faded away while scrolling the site.
  • it was impossible to control the flow of leads to specific models, since it was difficult to predict user behavior.

As a result, the actual return on traffic is affected, as well as production, which is customized to the format of a particular model’s work. We came to the conclusion that we need to change the purchase of cold traffic. Partially the approach is still the same today, but globally, we made changes based on the results.

The second solution was cold traffic for a specific model. The point of this approach is that new people see a specific model in the ad and after clicking on it they go to the card of this product. In one test we launched from 4 to 10 different items. The main advantage of the solution – 90% control of the traffic.Still, some people from the general flow of visitors got to other models and ordered them. Globally, though, we controlled the attention and interest of the audience.

As a result:

  • marked trends – by analyzing the effectiveness of the models, we had a chance to determine how the demand and trends of the audience were changing. Unfortunately, when working with the main page of the site, such tracking was difficult to access. The range of model types was very wide.
  • efficient production operation

We adapted quickly enough to work model by model and the results started to improve. The structure of advertising campaigns, was completely rebuilt and is still under improvement. Challenges included frequent restarts, ineffectiveness of 80% of positions, delays in getting materials to develop creatives, etc. But if you keep up the pace, set up communication and processes for launching advertising campaigns, the result is worth it.

Dynamic retargeting works with both emotional and rational communication. It is driven by the need to bring users who have different shopping reasons back to the site.

The third solution was to adjust the structure of advertising campaigns. With a large database of feedback from managers and the client, we had ideas for improving a working strategy. In terms of settings for buying cold traffic, the broad audience of women works best. We don’t limit ourselves to interests or other settings, because our goal is to scale the bundle in the future. To do this, we need to have a large audience capacity. In our case it is ~8-9 million women. At the same time, we have dynamic retargeting in order to catch up with the warm audience who visited the site.


Talking about our results in numbers, we can outline the following:

$32 723

Budget spent

$160 992

Sales amount


Purchase price


Sales number



11 months

Collaboration period


Bogdan Puhkuy

Founder of BUD.SK

I want to thank and recommend Cómon Agency.

The company helps us to maintain social networks Instagram and Facebook, as well as set up advertising. Specialists are responsible for an important mission in our work.

I would also like to thank the managers for their hard work, recommendations and in general for our productive cooperation.


Founder of DK Agency

Our company has been cooperating with the Cómon Agency for a long time.

We started using advertising on the ice and it was a discovery for us in the niche of finding new employees. For us, this is a good opportunity to gather the target audience at once and not exchange for unnecessary staff.

Thank you to our manager who responds promptly to all market changes, any of our questions and inquiries. Even if we set some difficult tasks, he always found ways to accomplish.

During the quarantine period, cooperation with the company was a real salvation at that difficult time.

Victoriya Grabova

Marketologist of chain store "Monpacie"

Collaboration with the Cómon Agency is a huge contribution to the development of our Instagram page, especially its visual component.

The task we asked the agency at first glance is very simple – to create photo and video content for social networks with the subsequent writing of posts and their publication.

The difficulty was the lack of homogeneity of the product to be presented.

Thanks to the specialists of the Cómon Agency, and first of all our manager Annie, we managed to develop a unified style of publications and radically change the visual component of the tape.

I am grateful to all the staff of the agency for their ability to hear and listen.
It is very easy and pleasant to work with them.


Founder of an online store Ladyfor

I have only positive reviews! Representatives of the company are always in touch, take responsibility for their work and give ideas that really work.

When I started working with the Cómon Agency, I marked my wishes and we followed in the footsteps of my ideas, but Aleksandr insisted on launching a certain advertising campaign.

I went for it for an experiment that turned out to be very successful.
This idea of ​​Aleksandr made me a cash desk of UAH 310,000 for 2 weeks with a margin of 50%.

All the advertising campaigns we run now are profitable.
And what I especially like is that the team is always in touch. If one person could not answer – others insure. If there was a force majeure over the weekend, they will always help to deal with it.

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